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  1. Getting Started 

    1. Video: Getting Started with ReadySetAuction
    2. How to Set Up Your Auction
    3. Countdown To Auction Checklist
    4. ReadySetAuction's Free Webinars Help You Get Started Right
  2. Admin: Event Settings 

    1. Your Event Settings
    2. Setting Up Your Event Details
    3. Your Event Website Settings
    4. Who Can View Your Event Website?
    5. About the eCatalog & Access Period
  3. Admin: Event Staff 

    1. How to Add, Invite and Update Staff Members
    2. Staff Access Levels
    3. Changing Staff Permissions & the Permanent Admin Role
    4. Deleting Event Staff
  4. Admin: Organization Settings 

    1. Entering and Editing Your Organization Details
    2. PayPal Setup Guide
    3. Establishing a Merchant Account: the Save Payments Gateway
    4. Entering Merchant Account Information
    5. Connecting Your DonorPerfect Gateway to ReadySetAuction
  5. Admin: Purchase Services 

    1. Using the Purchase Services Tab
    2. How can I get a receipt for our ReadySetAuction purchase?
    3. Adding and Editing Payment Methods
  6. Admin: Tax Rates 

    1. How to Add Tax Rates
  7. Setup Tab 

    1. How to change the seating capacity of the event venue
    2. Event Policies - Payments, Refunds, and Shipping
    3. Setup: Defaults Tab
  8. Setup: Sponsorship Levels 

    1. Setting Up Sponsorship Levels
  9. Setup: Admission Tickets 

    1. Adding Admission Ticket Categories
    2. How to Disable an Admission Ticket
    3. How to Setup Teacher Sponsorship and Record Teacher RSVPs
  10. Setup: Meal Choices 

    1. Setting Up Meal Choices
  11. Setup: Event Website 

    1. Setting Up Your Event Website
    2. Adding & removing options from the event website
    3. How to Recognize Sponsors on your Event Website
  12. Setup: Showcase 

    1. More Specifics on Showcase
    2. How to Add Sponsor to the Showcase
    3. How to Customize Showcase
    4. How to Enable and Disable Showcase
  13. Items: Donations & Packages 

    1. How to Add Donations
    2. How to Add Auction Packages
    3. How Donations and Packages Work Together
    4. Why Enter a Donation and Then Make Package
    5. Adding Images to Use in the eCatalog
  14. Items: Printed Materials 

    1. How to Print Specific Bid Sheets or Display Sheets
    2. How to Open .RTF Files So They are Properly Formatted
    3. How to Print the Catalog
    4. How to Print Display Sheets
    5. How to Print HTML Auction Materials without Headers and Footers
  15. Patrons Tab 

    1. How to Add Bidders
    2. How to Add Donors
    3. How to Record RSVPs
    4. How to Renumber Bidders
    5. How to Assign Guests to Tables
  16. Patrons: Tickets and Sponsorships 

    1. How to Sell Admission Tickets Online
    2. How To Record Sponsorship Sales and Guests of Sponsors
  17. Patrons: Donors & Bidders 

    1. eBidding Package Tips
    2. eBidder Activation Credits Defined
    3. 5 Ways Bidders Can Register for eBidding
    4. How to Register Bidders for eBidding
    5. 3 Ways a Bidder Can Place an eBid
  18. Patrons: Communications 

    1. How to Notify Winning Bidders Who Owe Money
  19. Patrons: Printed Materials 

    1. How do I print Donor Thank You Letters that include donations?
    2. How do I print Bidder Thank You Letters?
    3. How to Print Solicitation Letters & Mailing Labels
    4. Adding a Logo to Your Printed Letter
  20. @Event: Checking In and Out 

    1. Video: @Event and Auction Wrap-Up
    2. What information is required in order to store/process a credit card?
    3. Navigating the Checkout Screen
    4. Is it necessary to check-in guests at the event?
    5. Does it matter which member of the couple has the credit card on file?
  21. @Event: Receipts 

    1. Information Found on Receipts
  22. Reports Tab 

    1. Export a List of Event Attendees and E-mail Addresses
    2. How can I make the Consolidated Donations by Donor (this event) Report show only donors that donated for the current year?
  23. Additional Resources 

    1. RSA Guide to Virtual Events
    2. Terms of Service
    3. Bidding Rules
    4. Terms of Service for Bidders
    5. Privacy and Security Policy
  24. Additional Resources: Tech Tips 

    1. How to Turn On JavaScript in your Web Browser
    2. How to Turn On Cookies in your Web Browser
    3. Web Browsers Supported by the ReadySetAuction Control Center
    4. Devices and Browsers Supported by ReadySetAuction Mobile Bidding Interface
    5. Internet and Cell Phone Connectivity at the Venue for Mobile Bidding (eBidding)
  25. Release Notes 

    1. ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2021.01
    2. ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2020.04
    3. ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2020.03
    4. ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2020.02
    5. ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2020.01
  26. DonorPerfect Transfer Guide 

    1. DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Step 1: When Can I Send My ReadySetAuction Data to DonorPerfect?
    2. DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Step 2: Preparing your ReadySetAuction Data for Transfer to DonorPerfect
    3. DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Setting Up ReadySetAuction Gift Codes in DonorPerfect
    4. DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Step 3: Transferring Your ReadySetAuction Data to DonorPerfect
    5. DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Step 4: Matching Records from ReadySetAuction to DonorPerfect
  27. All articles 

    1. Setting Up Sponsorship Levels
    2. How to Sell Admission Tickets Online
    3. How to Add Donations
    4. How to Turn On JavaScript in your Web Browser
    5. How to Add Bidders

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