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RSA Guide to Virtual Events

Need help starting your virtual event?

We put together this article of helpful tips and FAQs that are essential to setting up your event for success. It is best to review this document at the early stages of event setup because it reviews default settings that may be more time consuming to change later.  

My event date is more than one day, how do I set that up?

Your event date can only be set as 1 day. However, your eCatalog and packages can be bid on can be up to 90 days; 45 days prior to your event date and 45 days after. Tickets and sponsorships are only able to be purchased before your event date. Once an event has reached its event date, tickets and sponsorships can no longer be sold. If you need to hide the Event Details section from your event website, go to Admin > Event Details > Event Settings, then deselect the option to enable the event Details section. This will prevent site visitors from seeing the Event Date field. 

How do I change my event date?

Please contact and we will provide you with instructions on how to change your event date for free.

I am having an online-only event, should my packages be E-bidding or E-prebidding?

Your packages should be E-bidding or buyable and sold in the E-catalog. E-prebidding is when you have an online auction prior to your live event to accept bids prior to the package being a live auction. As soon as a package’s ePrebidding close date is reached, it will change to a traditional package.

Why are defaults important to set before you start?

Defaults only apply to packages that you haven’t created yet. They do not retroactively update any packages that were already created. Before you begin entering packages, go to Setup > Defaults to set your default Open and Close times for your packages.

Are packages easily able to be modified once they open?

In some cases, yes, but some package options must be set before the packages are open for bidding. The following need to be set on packages before the package Open time is reached and they cannot be changed after:

  1. Win-it-now Enable this option if there is a price a bidder can pay to instantly win the auction package. If eBidding reaches 80% of a package’s Win-It-Now price, the system will automatically pull the Win-It-Now option from that package. This is to encourage further eBidding if a ‘bidding war’ has begun.

  2. Minimum and Maximum Raise & Bidding Style

  3. Enable Overtime Bidding Overtime Bidding automatically extends the closing time of an eBidding package for five minutes if it receives an electronic bid within five minutes of its original scheduled close time. If last-minute electronic bidding continues, the closing time will continue to receive five-minute extensions for a maximum of one hour after its original closing time.

Can I change the close time of packages at any point after they open? When will they lock?

If a package has bids:

Once bids start coming in for packages, any package that has a bid can no longer be changed en masse. To change the close time of a package you would have to click into that package manually and change the close time. A package close time can no longer be modified 15 minutes before its close time. For example, if a package closes at 9:00pm, as soon as 8:45pm hits, your package close time will no longer be able to be altered.

If a package does not have bids:

If a package does not have bids you can globally change the close times of the packages by selecting them all on one page, and hit “Change close time” under “actions on packages”. Only items on the page you are currently viewing can be updated globally so you will have to apply changes page by page.

However, as soon as a package open time has passed, that package’s open time can no longer be altered individually. You can, however, change it en masse, by going to Items > Packages, checking that package off, and then under “Actions on Packages” at the bottom, choose “change open time”.

Will people be notified if I have to retract bids?

Yes, if patrons opted into text message or email notifications, they will be notified if you retract their bid. For privacy reasons, there is no way to check who has opted into these notifications. However, the bidder can check by logging into their bidder account through the RSA website, then going to My Account > My Settings > Notification Settings.

If you plan on retracting bids and do not want patrons to be texted, go to Admin > Event Settings, uncheck “enable outbid text message notifications”, then Save. Go to the Items > Packages > Bid History and retract the bid. Then go back to Admin > Event Settings, recheck “enable outbid text message notifications”. Note: This is only to present text message notifications. Email notifications for bid retractions can not be stopped.

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