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How to Add Tax Rates

Some states require your nonprofit organization to collect sales tax on the sale of certain items in your auction. For state-specific sales tax regulations, please check with a certified accountant or with your state’s Department of Revenue (or equivalent state department).

If your state requires your organization to collect sales tax, set up the tax rates you need in the Admin tab. Click Tax Rates in the menu on the right to view the Tax Rates grid. The Tax Rates grid contains a listing of all saved tax rates in your system. The list includes the rate name, rate, and a column that indicates how many times that particular rate has been used for your auction so far.

Adding Tax Rates

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab in the ReadySetAuction Control Center. If you do not see an Admin tab, you do not have administrator rights. Only one auction staff member can be assigned the administrator role.
  2. Select Tax Rates from the menu on the right. Any tax rates that were already created and saved will appear in the Tax Rates grid.
  3. Click the New Tax Rate button.
  4. Enter the name and rate of the tax rate you are creating.
  5. When finished, click the Add button. Your new tax rate should appear in the Tax Rates grid.

Editing Tax Rates

  1. To edit tax rates, located the rate you would like to change.
  2. On the right side of the cell in the Name column, click Edit.
  3. Make any necessary adjustments to the name or rate, then click Save.
  4. The edits made will appear in the Tax Rates grid.

Deleting Tax Rates

  1. To delete a tax rate, locate the name of the rate you wish to remove. Note that tax rates can not be deleted if they are in use, so the number in the Used column on the far right of the grid must be 0.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the rate.
  3. Click the Delete Selected button.
  4. A warning modal will appear at the top of your screen to notify you that once the rate is deleted, it can't be restored. Click OK to delete the rate.
  5. The rate will no longer appear in the Tax Rates grid.

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