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Devices and Browsers Supported by ReadySetAuction Mobile Bidding Interface

The ReadySetAuction mobile bidding interface is built to support a wide variety of modern mobile devices and mobile browser software, in addition to traditional desktop/laptop web browsers. See the lists below for more details.

Mobile Devices (smartphones & tablets)

Your ReadySetauction event website’s features should work well on any iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet released in the last 2-3 years. The site features a built-in compatibility test that will notify your guests if their device isn’t fully compatible with ReadySetAuction.

If you’re hosting a live event, it’s always a good idea to enable some Bidding Stations so that guests without a compatible mobile device can still participate in electronic bidding.

Desktops & Laptops

We strive for maximum compatibility with a broad array of popular web browsers. However, we cannot guarantee that the ReadySetAuction service is fully compatible with every possible combination of computer hardware, operating system and web browser. In order to qualify for technical support, you must be using a web browser that we support:

  • The most recent version of Chrome
  • The latest version of Firefox, and its latest Extended Support Release
  • The current version of Microsoft Edge
  • The latest version of Safari

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