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3 Ways a Bidder Can Place an eBid

Once a bidder has registered and is activated, he/she can place an electronic bid in the following ways:

  1. From his/her own smartphone/tablet.

  2. From a Bidding Station.

  3. By way of a Bidding Valet, that is someone on your committee who is logged into the Control Center and navigates to the @Event > Record Sales > Proxy Bids page.
IMPORTANT: A bidder must be listed as activated in the Account column of the Control Center's Patrons > Bidders > Manage page in order for a Bidding Valet to place a proxy bid on behalf of the bidder. If the bidder's Account status is listed as Confirmed, then to activate the bidder, check off his record on that page and choose Activate Selected from the Actions on Bidders pull-down menu.

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