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Entering and Editing Your Organization Details

The Admin tab's Organization Settings section contains important information about your organization, such as contact information and Tax ID number. It also houses your PayPal and merchant gateway information. General organization information won't usually change very much, but the contact email and phone number might. Perhaps the staff member who made the initial purchase is not going to be the auction manager; you'll want to make the necessary adjustments so your ReadySetAuction's system is accurate.

Section 1 - Organization Details

This section will rarely change once your setup is complete. It consists of three important pieces of information:

  • Organization Name - this field can't be edited, as indicated by the icon at the far right of the field. If you should spot a typo, contact your account manager right away to get this adjusted.
  • Tax ID Number - this is important, as it will appear on receipts if you check the 501(c)3 box so donors and bidders can use this information for tax purposes.
  • This is a 501(c)3 Organization - when you check the box here, the Tax ID information will display on donor and bidder receipts.

Section 2 - Organization Contact Information

This section is a very basic summary of contact information for your organization:

  • Street Address, City, State & ZIP Code - these required fields may not change much, but if your office moves, you'll need to update these fields to reflect that.
  • Phone & Fax - these required fields will the numbers bidders and donors may use to contact your organization. Currently, US and Canadian phone and fax numbers can be entered.
  • Email Address - this required field is the email address patrons will use to contact your organization. Make it an address that someone checks daily, or even several times per day.
  • Website Address - this field is not required, but if you want to direct more traffic to your organization's website and spread the word about your cause, fill it out. This is different from the event website used through ReadySetAuction. You may want to post the link to your event website on your organization website to help promote your auction event.

When you have completed and confirmed your Organization Details, don't forget to click the green Update Organization Info button at the bottom of your screen to save any changes.

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