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How to Setup Teacher Sponsorship and Record Teacher RSVPs

With the vast majority of schools, any teacher/staff who wants to attend an event will be allowed to attend for free. If this is the case with your school, here are the instructions to set up complimentary tickets for your teachers and to record their RSVPs:
  1. Go to Setup > Admission Tickets and click Add Admission Ticket Category.
  2. Seats = 1. Click Next.
  3. Admission Ticket Name: Complimentary Teacher Ticket.
  4. Price: 0
  5. Fair Value: 0
  6. Sale Method: Manual. Note: $0 tickets cannot be sold online.
  7. Click Add Admission Ticket Category.
  8. To record a teacher's RSVP, go to Patrons > RSVPs > Sell Tickets and RSVP and select the Complimentary Teacher Ticket.
So that people visiting your Event Website can sponsor a teacher (i.e. pay for a teacher ticket):
  1. Go to Setup > Sponsorship Levels and click Add Sponsorship Level.
  2. Sponsorship Name: Sponsor a Teacher.
  3. Seats Included: 0
  4. Click Add Sponsorship Level.
  5. Note that because this sponsorship does not have any seats attached to it, you can simply follow the steps above for recording teacher RSVPs.

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