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Your Event Website Settings

The Event Details tab allows you to control the features that your bidders, donors and other guests can view and access on your event website. This screen is where you will set your event website URL, enable features like eBidding and online ticket sales, and control who can view your event website.

Setting Your Event Website URL

Your auction's administrator can set up a simple URL for your event that you can link from your organization website or on any social media platform:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab and select Event Settings from the side menu on the right.
  2. Select Event Details at the top of the Event Settings screen.
  3. The bottom section of this screen contains your event website parameters, beginning with a field for your event website URL. In most cases, that URL will appear as follows:
  4. Customize what comes after the organization name portion of your URL with something that is specific to your upcoming event. Perhaps you run the same golf outing from year to year, so adding the current year will help you differentiate it from previous years' website URLs.

Where Can I View my Event Website's URL?

There are two ways to locate your Event Website address:

  • Access the Event Details screen through the Admin tab's Event Settings option.
  • On your Control Center's Home Dashboard, click the View Website widget. Your Event Website Address will appear in your browser's address bar.

Note: The URL for your Event Website Address is different from the Preview Event Website tab's URL.

Enable Event Website Features

In the Event Details screen, the Event Website section provides you with a list of options you can activate or deactivate based on what you want your bidders, guests, and donors to be able to see and do. Here are your options:

  • Enable event website - If you want anyone to be able to access and view your event website, you will need to check this box. If you are not planning to use an event website, uncheck this box.
  • Enable "Event Info" page - If you want to keep the Event Info section displayed on the event website, check this option. This page shows details like when and where your in-person event is happening or the tickets, sponsorships, and meals available.
  • Enable eCatalog - if you want your bidders to be able to view the amazing packages you have created for your upcoming auction event, check this box. Want to know more about the eCatalog? Click here!
  • Automatically hide won and sold-out packages - Once an item has been won, you can hide it from view in your eCatalog automatically. This will keep you bidders focused on the other items you have to offer. This will also be the case when Buy-It-Now packages sell out, which helps your bidders eliminate them from their wish lists and diverts their attention to other items.
  • Enable eBidding - If you want bidders to be able to enter bids electronically, such as through a mobile device, check this box.
  • Automatically activate eBidders - When eBidders register, their accounts will automatically be activated as soon as they click a Bid Now or Buy Now button for the first time. If you don't check this box, you or your staff will have to manually activate the accounts individually.
  • Enable outbid notifications via text message - When you allow mobile bidding, why not allow your ReadySetAuction system to help generate more bids and spirited competition by automatically notifying bidders when they have been outbid? Your guests can place bids from anywhere - the golf course, the 19th hole, or even the buffet line. Text messaging is now included with ReadySetAuction's complete plan.
  • Enable online ticket sales - If you'd like your guests to be able to purchase tickets to your event online, check this box. If you want your staff to process all ticket sales, leave it unchecked.
  • Enable online sponsorship sales - Do you want to accept sponsorships through your event website? If so, check this box.
  • Enable online cash donations - Make it easy for folks who want to make a cash donation to do it online through your event website. By checking this box, patrons who can't attend your event can still contribute to your cause.
  • Enable online procurement - ReadySetAuction has an online procurement option so donors can contribute items and services with the click of a button. Notices will appear in your Items tab inbox once they are received.

When you have selected all of the event website options you want, don't forget to click the green Update Event Settings button to save your settings.

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