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Setting Up Sponsorship Levels

In ReadySetAuction, an Admission Ticket admits one person to your event. If you are using admission ticket bundles that admit more than one person, such as a ‘couple’ or ‘table’ ticket — you must set this up as a Sponsorship Level.

Setting Up Sponsorship Levels

Setting up Sponsorship Levels in ReadySetAuction is also done through the Setup tab. You can set up your Sponsorship Levels with any number of seats, prices, names or perks that you think will inspire organizations or groups to sponsor your auction event. 

Once you've determined your sponsorship tiers, perks and prices, set them up in ReadySetAuction like this:

  1. In Setup, select Sponsorship Levels from the menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click the Add Sponsorship Level tab at the top right.
  3. Name your new Sponsorship Level, and enter the number of Seats Included with that Sponsorship.
  4. Choose between charging a Fixed Price or a more flexible Range Price. Some organizations use range pricing to allow partner organizations or other non-profits to sponsor at one price, and other organizations to sponsor at a higher rate. This also allows organizations who want to sponsor your auction event to give an amount above what a normal Sponsorship might cost.
  5. Enter the Fair Value - the combined real cost of the number of seats and any of the perks included.
  6. Using the WYSIWYG editor, enter the Sponsorship Level's Description. You can add styling to your text, like underlining or italics, bullets, numbering, indents, images, and links. Align your images and text however you want right within the Description field.
  7. Enter a limit to the number of Sponsorships available at this level. This comes in to play when you block off tables for groups, but you still need to make sure there'e plenty of seating available for your other Sponsorship Levels and single admission ticket guests.
  8. Choose the Sale Method from Disabled, Manual Entry, Online or both Manual and Online Entry.
  9. Click the green Add Sponsorship Level button to save your new Sponsorship Level.

Sample Sponsorship Level Structure

  • Premier Sponsor (includes 10 seats, a full-page program ad, and signage at the event) - $5,000
  • Table Sponsor (includes 10 seats and a half-page program ad) - $2,500
  • Dinner Sponsor (includes 4 seats and a half-page program ad) - $1,000
  • Small Group Sponsor (includes 4 seats) - $400
  • Couple Bundle (includes 2 seats) - $200

Displaying Sponsorships on Your Event Site?

Make sure you have your Event site settings set to display your sponsorship levels by checking Your Event Website Settings.

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