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How to Recognize Sponsors on your Event Website

Here’s how to recognize sponsors on your Event Website:

  • Create the logo images -- a good size is about 150 x 250 pixels- these images will have to be hosted on a website.

  • Go to Setup > Event Website > Intro Message or Closing Message. The Intro Message appears above the buttons on your Event Website. The Closing Message appears below.  
  • Into the Intro or Closing Message field, click the insert table icon
  • Create a table with as many boxes as you have sponsors images

  • Once you create the table, copy the hosted image URL of each sponsor logo and paste them individually into the boxes using the “insert image” icon

    • The images will determine the length of the boxes in the table. The table will automatically resize to fit the image.

  • You can insert text into the table to list donors names

  • You can insert a video, if it is hosted online, to thank donors as well

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