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Deleting Event Staff

Running a charity event is a lot of work, and not everyone is able to make the time commitment needed to do a great job. Whatever the reason, if one of your colleagues needs to back out, you'll need to discontinue that staff member's ReadySetAuction Control Center access. This can be accomplished using one of two methods:

Deleting an Unregistered Staff Member

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab and choose Event Staff from the menu tabs on the right of the Control Center screen.
  2. In the Event Staff grid, select the staff record you wish to delete by clicking the corresponding checkbox in the far left column.
  3. Choose Delete Selected from the Actions on staff members dropdown, then click Confirm Delete.
  4. Click the OK button from the warning modal at the top of the screen.
  5. The staff member has been removed from your Event Staff list.

Removing Access from a Registered Staff Member

Once an event staff member has registered, that record cannot be deleted from the Event Staff list. To prevent access to your ReadySetAuction Control Center, you must change that staff member's access level to None using the following steps:

  1. Click the name of the staff member you wish to remove.
  2. In the Staff Member Information screen, navigate to the Staff Access Level dropdown in Section 2.
  3. Select None from the options in the dropdown.
  4. Confirm this action by clicking the Update Staff Member button.

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