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How to Set Up Your Auction

Soon after purchasing ReadySetAuction, the Administrator of your Control Center should complete the following tasks to lay the groundwork for your use of ReadySetAuction and your event.
  • Add additional staff members (Admin > Event Staff > Add Staff Member — be sure to set at least one permission level to ‘view’ or ‘modify’).
  • Invite additional staff members (Admin > Event Staff > Actions on Staff Members pull down menu). Don’t forget to communicate to them your Access Code (Admin > Event Settings > Event Details) so they can register successfully.
  • If you purchased via your Persistent Staff Member Account, transfer the Admin role to yourself or another registered staff member (Admin > Event Staff > Actions on Staff Members pull down menu).
  • ReadySetAuction will periodically send reminder email messages to the Administrator’s email address, as shown on your staff roster. Confirm that your Administrator can receive email messages from ReadySetAuction.
  • Contact ReadySetAuction’s merchant account partners to set up a ReadySetAuction compatible merchant account. If you plan to use a merchant account that your organization set up for your last event, contact your merchant account provider to confirm that your account is still active.
  • Enable and test the connection between your merchant account and ReadySetAuction (Admin > Organization Settings > Merchant Account).
  • Select payment methods that your organization is set up to accept (Admin > Event Settings > Payment Methods). Don’t enable a payment method that your merchant account is not configured for. Contact your merchant account provider if you are unsure.
  • Establish your event goals (Setup > Goals).
  • Establish the admission ticket types that you’ll be selling (Setup > Admission Tickets).
  • Establish the sponsorship levels that you’ll be selling (Setup > Sponsorship Levels).
  • Establish meal choices, tables, venue details, and policies (Setup tab).
  • Recruit a Technology Person, the person in charge of assessing the Internet connection at the venue and setting up the computers and printers for check-in, bid recording and checkout.
Select and Complete Plan Users
  • Confirm that the email address listed on the Admin > Organization Settings > Organization Details page is how visitors to your Event Website can contact you.
  • Complete your Event Website Address (Admin > Event Settings > Event Details).
  • Enable you Event Website (Admin > Event Settings > Event Details).
  • Assign whether access to your event website will be public, by request or private (Admin > Event Settings > Event Details). If you have questions about what the differences are among Public, Private and By Request, read the Tool Tip (circle “?” icon) next to each.
  • Customize your event website's landing page with a banner image, intro message, closing message and background color (Setup > Event Website). For instructions on how to add your sponsors’ logos, read the Help Center FAQ: How to Recognize Sponsors in the eCatalog.
Complete Plan Users
  • Inform your Technology Person that (s)he is also in charge of setting up the Shared Bidding Stations and assessing WiFi availability at the venue.

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