Staff Access Levels

Access Levels allow you to control which of your staff members can view or edit information within your ReadySetAuction Control Center. You can manage staff access through the Admin tab in the Event Staff menu option on the right.

Understanding the Access Levels

There are four access levels that auction staff can be assigned:

  • None: Event Staff members with an access level of None will not be able to log in and access the ReadySetAuction Control Center. Once a staff member has registered an account, that staff member cannot be deleted from the staff roster. The account's access level can be set to None, however. This access level is also useful if you wish to address communications to your patrons from a specific member of your organization who does not necessarily need access to the Control Center.
  • View: Event Staff members with an access level of View can log in and access the ReadySetAuction Control Center, but cannot make any edits to the event data. These users can view details on each screen, including donation/package details and patron contact information. They can download printed materials for items and patrons, and they can print invoices and receipts. View users can also run, print, and export reports to Excel (csv).
  • Modify: Event staff members with an access level of Modify can access the ReadySetAuction Control Center and add/edit/modify event data. These users can access all screens within the Control Center with the exception of the Admin tab.
  • Admin: The Event staff member with the access level of Admin possesses all permissions of a user with Modify access. They also have exclusive access to the Admin tab.

Changing Staff Access Levels

  1. In the Event Staff grid, check the box to the left of the event staff account to be modified.
  2. Select Change Access from the Actions on Staff Members drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the New Access Level and click the Confirm button.
  4. Select OK in the dialogue box at appears at the top of the screen.

The Administrator Role

Only one auction staff member can be assigned the Administrator role and is the only person who can view, enter, and modify data in the Control Center's Admin tab. This staff member is able to:

  • Edit Organization Details, such as address and contact information.
  • Link a Merchant or PayPal Account.
  • Edit Event Settings, including accepted payment methods, event website access, and determining which information is required in order for Patrons to register.
  • Add and invite event staff members and manage Control Center access levels.
  • Establish any applicable tax rates as may be required by state agencies.
  • Manage payment methods that are accepted for your auction.
  • Make additional in-app purchases for things like eCatalog extensions, phone support and training.

Note: Only one Event Staff member may possess Admin access rights.

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