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How to Assign Guests to Tables

To assign guests to tables, first go to Setup > Tables to establish your table names, numbers and capacities.

Then there are three places in ReadySetAuction where you can assign a guest to a table:
  1. For those bidders who purchased their tickets online, before your event go to Patrons > Bidders > Manage --> click bidder's name, which takes you to that bidder's third level Bidder Info tab. Select the table, and save.
  2. For those bidders who purchased their tickets in-person before your event, when recording his/her RSVP – Patrons > RSVPs – you have the option to assign that guest to a table.
  3. For walk-in bidders and those bidders who haven't yet been assigned a table, at step 3 of event check-in – @Event > Check In Bidders – you can assign the guest to a table.
To view who is assigned to which table, view the Reports > Activity Reports > Seating & Meals report.

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