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How to Sell Admission Tickets Online

To sell admission tickets online via your ReadySetAuction-hosted event website:
  1. Set up at least one Admission Ticket type with a Sale Method of “Online” or “Manual + Online.” (Setup > Admission Tickets)
  2. Enable either a merchant account or a PayPal Business account (Admin > Organization Settings).
  3. Select the Payment Methods you can accept (Admin > Event Settings > Payment Methods).
  4. Establish your Event Website Address (Admin > Event Settings > Event Details).
  5. Enable event website and Enable online ticket sales (Admin > Event Settings > Event Details).
  6. Set Access to Event Website is to Public, Private, or By Request.
    • Public = Anyone who visits your event website can set up an account and purchase their tickets, without any effort on the part of your committee.
    • Private = Only those you or another committee member explicitly invites (via Patrons > Bidders) will be allowed to create an account and purchase tickets.
    • By Request = Visitors can send a request so that you or another committee member can explicitly invite them (via Patrons > Bidders). Only those you explicitly invite will be allowed to create an account and purchase tickets.
  7. Direct supporters to your Event Website where they can purchase their tickets, or explicitly invite them (Patrons > Bidders > Actions on Bidders). Please note: there are two ways a bidder can begin the process of buying tickets online, both of which require that the bidder first set up an account.
  1. You (the auction committee) can import your bidders to ReadySetAuction (Patrons > Everyone > Import, making sure to set Is Bidder = yes) and email them invitations from ReadySetAuction (Patrons > Bidders > Actions on Bidders). In that case, the guest can click the personalized link in the email, choose a password and then buy their tickets.
  2. If, instead, you send people directly to your Event Website to purchase their tickets, they first must 'request an invitation.' The system immediately emails them the invitation with a personalized link. They can click on the link, choose a password, and proceed to buy their tickets.

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