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Your Event Settings

The Admin tab's Event Settings screen holds the most critical information for your auction event organized into a series of sub-tabs listed below. Click the tab name in the list to be directed to more detailed information on entering information and using that tab.

  • Event Details - The event name, date, time and time zone are listed here. In addition, event access security codes are housed in this screen and the event website address, access, settings and preferences are also selected here.
  • Payment Methods - In the Payment Methods tab, you will select what type of payments will be accepted for any guest purchases or charges relating to your event. You can also choose whether you bidders can check out using their mobile devices, and whether you will require credit card information prior to allowing eBidders to place bids.
  • Patron Accounts - This screen gives you the option to require certain pieces of information when Patrons are registering, such as full address and phone number. You can enable or disable anonymous bidding here.
  • Bidding Stations - if you have mobile bidding enabled, you may also want to offer access to shared bidding stations at your event for people who may not be tech savvy. Adjust your bidding station preferences in the Bidding Station Options screen, and follow the instructions listed on the screen to set them up.
  • Showcase Displays - Your auction Showcase display will help keep your bidders engaged by showing your hottest items and leaderboards. Enable the Showcase display in this tab, and then follow the instructions on the screen to set it up.

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