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How to Register Bidders for eBidding

Once a bidder registers for eBidding, he can bid electronically for packages that are open for eBidding during your eCatalog Access Period. The eCatalog Access Period is defined on your Home > Dashboard page.

On the Admin > Event Settings > Event Details page, decide whether access to eBidder registration is “public” or “private.”

  • If eBidder registration is set to ‘public,’ visitors can sign themselves up to bid when they visit your Event Website. (To view your Event Website, click the "View Event Website" button on the Home > Dashboard page.)
  • If eBidder registration is set to ‘private,’ your staff must first upload or add your bidders to the Bidders list (Patrons > Bidders) and then invite them using the Actions on Bidders menu at the bottom of the Bidders list.

In either case, be sure to customize the Invitation on the Patrons > Communications > Invitations page. Keep in mind that all bidders, whether registering via the public page or via private invite, receive this communication.

A third way a bidder can register for electronic bidding is through a Bidding Station at your event. With this option, the bidder does not need access to his/her email. He/she can simply sign up to bid at a Bidding Station. On the Admin > Event Settings > Bidding Stations page, your Administrator can control whether bidders can register at bidding stations, and if so, whether they must first check in before doing so.

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