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ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2020.03

Release Highlights

This release focuses on improvements to the record matching logic for DonorPerfect transfers to ensure that information from RSA can correctly match existing records in DonorPerfect.


  • When importing packages from a .CSV file, any PHP related error messages will display on the Final Step instead of after the import.
  • Display message informing user of the number of patrons that successfully matched with donor records versus the number of newly created donor records
  • Updates to Record Matching Logic:
    • Initial filter for matches will include the Organization/Individual status of the RSA record.
    • The filter for matches on ZIP will now require values to match on at least the first 5 digits so 9-digit ZIP codes are included.
    • RSA will apply additional criteria as needed when filtering for matching donors to find the best match on a single record.
To review the complete record matching criteria for DonorPerfect transfers, please visit our DonorPerfect Transfer Guide.

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