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Changing Staff Permissions & the Permanent Admin Role

All ReadySetAuction auction events have at least one Administrator, and the Admins are the only people on your team who can access the Admin tab, add team members, or transfer the Admin Role to another registered staff member. To do so:

Changing Staff Access Levels

  1. In the Event Staff grid, check the box to the left of the event staff account to be modified.
  2. Select Change Access from the Actions on Staff Members drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the New Access Level and click the Confirm button.
  4. Select OK in the dialogue box at appears at the top of the screen.

About the Administrator Role

Auction staff members assigned the Administrator role can view, enter, and modify data in the Control Center's Admin tab. This staff member is able to:

  • Edit Organization Details, such as address and contact information.
  • Link a Merchant or PayPal Account.
  • Edit Event Settings, including accepted payment methods, event website access, and determining which information is required in order for Patrons to register.
  • Add and invite event staff members and manage Control Center access levels.
  • Establish any applicable tax rates as may be required by state agencies.
  • Manage payment methods that are accepted for your auction.
  • Make additional in-app purchases for things like eCatalog extensions, phone support and training.

The Permanent Administrator Persona

Your organization may hold annual fundraisers, but your auction staff may vary from one event to another or even year to year. Establishing a Permanent Admin Persona will make it easy for the next auction manager to access your ReadySetAuction account, transfer data from one event to the next, and look back on previous events even if the staff has changed. 

You can set up a Permanent Admin Persona using the same steps as you would when adding a live staff member:

  1. In the Admin tab, navigate to the Event Staff screen.
  2. Click Add Staff Member.
  3. Complete the Staff Information Section. As a best practice, use "Auction" in the First Name field and "Manager" as the last name. For the Persistent Staff Member account, the name should be generic to the organization and not specific to the event.
  4. Use an email address that will always be accessible by someone in your organization. For example, or
  5. Set the Staff Access Level to "admin" then click Invite Staff Member.

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