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Internet and Cell Phone Connectivity at the Venue for Mobile Bidding (eBidding)

  • eBidders can connect to the Internet via their cell service data plans. We do not recommend, however, that you rely exclusively on cell service. Also, you should confirm that all carriers in your area provide good coverage at your venue.
  • If eBidding will be taking place during a short period (i.e. 2-5 hours), we also recommend that your venue’s WiFi network supports at least half your bidders simultaneously, or you should plan to bring in some additional wireless access points to hook up to the venue’s network to support additional connections.
  • We recommend that you also set up shared bidding stations to accommodate bidders without smart mobile devices of their own and/or who forgot to charge their phones.
  • For auctions with up to 500 bidders, your venue’s wired internet connection should support 50 Mbps download (recommended minimum) and 10 Mbps upload (recommended minimum).
  • Discuss with the venue if other parties/people will be using their network during your event. 50 Mbps download and 10Mbps upload is sufficient to support your bidding activity. But your connection can become congested and slow if people are using it during your event for high traffic activities like playing YouTube videos, uploading videos and images, etc.
  • We do not provide equipment or personnel for your event: your venue should provide a WiFi network (see above) and your bidders will use their own mobile devices — e.g. smartphones and tablets — for viewing the eCatalog, placing bids, purchasing fixed-price items and checking out.

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