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DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Step 2: Preparing your ReadySetAuction Data for Transfer to DonorPerfect

To see your current settings, click … read more. This provides you with a summary of your transfer configuration, divided into three columns.

Ticket Sales, Gifts & Donations, and Auction Winnings

Each transaction type in your auction data should be configured in ReadySetAuction so it can appear in DonorPerfect correctly. You will do this by configuring the codes you want to be transferred to standard DonorPerfect gift fields for three different types of ReadySetAuction transactions. The three transaction types are Ticket Sales, Gifts & Donations, and Auction Winnings, which are also represented in the tabs at the top of the DonorPerfect Transfer screen.

Your active gift codes from DonorPerfect appear in the dropdown for standard DonorPerfect gift fields. At minimum, you’ll need to complete the two required fields - General Ledger and Thank-You Letter - so DonorPerfect knows where to put your ReadySetAuction data when it arrives. Take a look at what else you can set up so your DonorPerfect records are as detailed as possible.

  • Enabled? - this field automatically defaults to yes, which means date from this ReadySetAuction transaction type will be transferred to DonorPerfect.

  • General Ledger - this is a required field, which defaults to Choose. You can click Fix This Error to add a General Ledger code from a dropdown. These General Ledger codes are found in DonorPerfect, so if you don’t see the code you need, you’ll need to add a new General Ledger code in DonorPerfect first. Check out more information on using codes in DonorPerfect.

  • Campaign - this field will associate your auction with a specific campaign, so your reporting will know what was raised when and for what.

  • Solicitation - to track your fundraising revenue, DonorPerfect relies on user-defined codes (created by someone in your organization). Check out how to maintain Solicitation codes to keep your database and reporting accurate. If you want to be able to differentiate auction revenue, consider adding codes that start with RSA- for ReadySetAuction.

  • Sub-Solicitation - in DonorPerfect, you can segment your data to measure the success of your fundraising efforts using Sub-Solicitation codes. Create a good coding system with these best practice tips.

  • Thank-You Letter - a fundraising must, Thank-You Letters help donors feel appreciated, and they will remember you next year when planning their charity donations and events calendar. Select from the list of letters already in DonorPerfect here. If you want a different letter, you’ll need to create it in DonorPerfect first. When you refresh your browser, it will appear immediately in ReadySetAuction.

Making changes to your ReadySetAuction configurations is easy. Just click the small gray category tabs at the top of the ReadySetAuction Transfer screen for each revenue type, and choose the codes you need from the dropdowns available in each field.


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