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How to Open .RTF Files So They are Properly Formatted

ReadySetAuction provides various printed materials in .RTF format. You must open these files using Microsoft Word in order for them to be properly formatted. If you open the .RTF file in another application (like a simple text editor that your browser may default to for launching .RTF files) it will not be properly formatted.

Mac TextEdit will mangle the RTF file.
  1. Please delete all copies of the file from your computer and download it fresh.
  2. If TextEdit opens automatically, immediately quit TextEdit *without* saving.
  3. Locate the downloaded file on your computer -  It may be in a folder titled "Downloads" -- and open it directly in Word by dragging the file onto the Word application icon.

Printed materials that are available in .RTF format include:
  • Bid/Purchase Sheets
  • Display Sheets
  • Auction Catalog
  • Gift Certficates
  • Auction Package Folder Labels
  • General Procurement Form
  • Prospect Mailing Labels
  • Prospect Solicitation Letters
  • Donor Mailing Labels
  • Donor Thank You Letters
  • Bidder Folder Labels
  • Bidder Name Tags
  • Bidder Paddles
  • Bidder Payment Slips
  • Bidder Mailing Labels
  • Bidder Thank You Letters

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