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Setup: Defaults Tab

Package defaults are found in RSA under: Setup- Defaults. Defaults allow the organization to specify what their packages settings should default to. A package can still be altered individually upon creation. However, this will allow faster creation of packages due to the bulk of them being set to one type of bidding with predetermined parameters. (Note: Defaults do not work retroactively. If you create packages, then set your defaults, the settings on your packages will not change)
  1. Default Package Kind - Choose Biddable, Buyable, or Raffle depending on the type of package.
  2. Default Bidding Style
    1. eBidding: The package will be biddable through your eCatalog only, with bidding opening and closing according to its eCatalog Bidding Window settings. The winner is determined by the highest electronic bid, which will be recorded automatically in ReadySetAuction.

    2. ePrebidding: Electronic bidding will begin and end according to the package’s eCatalog Bidding Window settings. After the package’s bidding window has closed, ReadySetAuction will generate a printable bid sheet. When the winner is determined during your traditional auction (by bid sheet or auctioneer), your committee must manually record the final, winning bid.

    3. Traditional: Silent bidding via paper bid sheet or live bidding via auctioneer. The package will be biddable in a traditional live/silent auction, and will only be viewable in the eCatalog if ‘Show in eCatalog’ is checked. Auction staff or the auctioneer will be in charge of when bidding begins and ends. ReadySetAuction will generate a printable bid sheet. Your committee must manually record the final, winning bid

  3. Default Bidding Parameters
    1. Bidding Starts At: this determines the minimum bid on a package based on the percentage of its value

    2. Minimum raise: this determines the amount that the next bid has to be for it to be accepted

    3. Win-it-Now: leave blank if you want to default the package to not allow win-it-now. Win-it-now is the price that the package can be bought at.

      1. Once a package has bids, the win it now price cannot be removed (unless you were to retract all bids) so only apply this if you want it to be able to be bought/won at a certain price

      2. If the prior electronic bid (before the win-it-now is entered) reaches 80% of a package’s Win-It-Now price, the system will automatically remove the Win-It-Now option from that package. This is to encourage further eBidding if a ‘bidding war’ has begun. However, if the final bidder enters an amount above the win-it-now price, and the prior bid on the package was not at least 80% of the win-it-now price, then it will only allow that bidder to win it for the win-it-now price, and not exceed that amount.

  4. Default E-catalog window
    1. This determines the default open and close times of the packages you are doing online bidding or online sales for. This only applies to E-bidding, E-prebidding, and Buyable- Online Packages.

      1. The open and close time on E-prebidding determine the time patrons can bid on the packages online, prior to the package changing to a traditional package.

      2. The open and close times on E-bidding or Buyable Online determine the entire time of the package being able to bid on, at the close time is when the winner is assigned.

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