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DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Setting Up ReadySetAuction Gift Codes in DonorPerfect

ReadySetAuction now integrates with DonorPerfect, allowing you to quickly create gift records from your auction data. ReadySetAuction also allows you to assign codes to your data that will populate fields in DonorPerfect once the transfer is complete. However, the codes that you apply in ReadySetAuction must first exist in DonorPerfect. This article will provide you with examples of the types of codes you may want to create.

When importing transactional information such as Ticket Sales, Gifts, and Auction Winnings the following gift codes can be applied in RSA:

  • General Ledger

  • Campaign

  • Solicitation

  • Sub-Solicitation

  • Gift Type

  • Thank You Letter

These fields function the same in ReadySetAuction as they do in DonorPerfect, but this article may help you to identify Auction specific codes that you may want to consider creating. For guidance on creating codes check out Adding a Code. The categories of Ticket Sales, Gifts, and Auction Winnings each have their own sets of codes.



General Ledger

Are the proceeds of your event directed towards a specific cause? Your donations should be directed to the specific fund or General Ledger your donors are supporting. (Examples: Unrestricted, Building Fund, Scholarship Fund)


Is your auction event part of a larger effort to bring in funds to your organization? The campaign code designates a grouping of solicitations (fundraising efforts) under one umbrella. (Examples: Annual Appeal, Capital Campaign)


This would be the event itself. It is recommended to make the Solicitation year specific so you can compare one year's Auction revenue to the next. (Examples: Auction 2018, Auction 2019)


Are there various revenue streams at your auction? The sub-solicitation can help to delineate these different sources of donations. (Examples: Ticket Sales, Auction Items, etc.)

Gift Type

How is a donation being contributed to your organization? The Gift Type should designate the type of tender being contributed. (Examples: Check, Cash, Credit Card, In-Kind)

Thank You Letter

What type of thank you letter are you sending to your supporters? Will you send a different type of thank you to a donor of an in-kind gift versus a winning bidder? (Examples: Auction Winner Thank You, In-Kind Auction Item Thank You, Event Attendee Thank You)

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