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DonorPerfect Transfer Guide - Step 4: Matching Records from ReadySetAuction to DonorPerfect

You’ve successfully transferred your ReadySetAuction event data to DonorPerfect, so what’s next?

What if a ReadySetAuction patron already exists in DonorPerfect?

ReadySetAuction’s DonorPerfect integration takes several things into consideration when deciding whether to create a new Constituent record in DonorPerfect or add gifts and other transactions to an existing Constituent record.

Below are the three sets of criteria ReadySetAuction will use to find a match. If the records do not match on the first set, then ReadySetAuction will try the second set, then the third:

  1. Donor ID - If a patron already has a Donor ID in both ReadySetAuction and DonorPerfect from a previous transfer or data import, this will be the first thing the systems check when matching records. A matching Donor ID with the RSA Import/Export ID means the gift or transaction will be added to the Constituent record in DonorPerfect. If there is no match, the system will go through the remaining matching criteria before deciding to create a new record.

  2. Last name AND email address - Our matching criteria searches across all of the email addresses under each record with that last name to attempt to find a match. If it does, the transaction will be added to the matching Constituent record. If not, and no other matching criteria is met, a new Constituent record will be created.

  3. Last name AND mailing address AND postal code - ReadySetAuction and DonorPerfect will work together to match the last name of the constituent, followed by address line 1. For this criteria to apply, there also MUST be a postal code that matches at least the first 5 digits. After all, 123 Main Street could be just about anywhere, and we don’t want the wrong Constituent record to be updated with the wrong information. If there is no postal code and one of the other matching criteria apply, a new Constituent will always be created

What if there are multiple possible matches in our DonorPerfect database?

If there are multiple constituent records with similar names OR duplicate records exist in your DonorPerfect database, record matching will ensure that the matched record is going to the best match with the most complete detail.

ReadySetAuction will try to match on the Donor ID/RSA Export ID for a single match. If multiple matches occur, ReadySetAuction will apply the above criteria in addition to the ID match in an attempt to capture only one matching record. If there are zero matches or more than one match on ID, Last Name + Email, Last Name + Address + ZIP, then ReadySetAuction will create a new record in DonorPerfect.

What You’ll Find in ReadySetAuction After the Transfer

A Donor ID (found in DonorPerfect in the donor_id field) will automatically be assigned to your ReadySetAuction patrons in your ReadySetAuction system, so future transfers can look to match the Donor ID as well as the name, email and address criteria.

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