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How to Renumber Bidders

There are two methods for renumbering your bidders. Which you use will depend on whether you are the Administrator and what plan level your organization has purchased.

Method 1:

Prior to the beginning of the eCatalog Access Period for the Complete plan and up to the day before the gala event for Basics, Essentials, and Select plans, the Administrator can renumber ALL bidders with one bulk action using Patrons > Bidders > Manage > Actions on Bidders > Renumber All. The system will assign bidder numbers based on the order that the bidders appear on the Patrons > Bidders > Manage page. To change the order, click a column name. So, for example, if you want those bidders who have RSVPed “yes” to be assigned the lower numbers, then click the “Attending” column head before renumbering all.

IMPORTANT: Renumber All renumbers your bidders based on the way the list is sorted using the column heads. Renumber All does not recognize changes made to the list of displayed bidders using the search feature. Therefore, even if you’ve filtered out certain records by searching, those records will still be assigned a bidder number if you Renumber All.

Method 2:

Prior to checking in a bidder, any committee member with a permission level of “modify” or “admin” can reassign him/her an unused bidder number via that bidder’s Update Bidder form.

  1. Go to Patrons > Bidders > Manage, locate the bidder whose number you want to change, and click on the bidder’s name. This will take you to the bidder's third tier Bidder Info tab.
  2. In section 2 of the form — “Bidder Account Settings” — click the “Change” link next to the bidder number.
  3. Enter a new number, and click the green “Update” button. If you enter a number that’s already in use, you’ll get an error message telling you so, and you can try again with a different number.

Note: For Complete users once your ecatalog period starts you are unable to renumber your bidders in bulk. If you are in your ecatalog period and need your bidders renumbered please reach out to ReadySetAuction support for assistance.

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