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How to Add Bidders

Basics, Essentials, Select and Complete:

In ReadySetAuction, each bidder record represents an individual. Couples do not and cannot share the same record. This allows you to assign each bidder to a table, select her/his meal, and if offering mobile/online bidding during your event, for each to bid electronically.

  • If you prefer that a couple uses a single bidder number (a.k.a. paddle number) bid during the traditional silent auction (bid sheets) and live auction, please refer to this FAQs: How a Couple Can Share a Bidder Number
  • If a couple wants to eBid (bid electronically) together with one bidder account, then they must share their mobile device; that is, they must pass it back and forth between the two of them.
  • If the couple attempts to share a bidder account while each uses his/her own mobile bidding device, they will continually log each other out.

Bidder records can be added to the Patrons > Bidders > Manage List (the Bidder List) in several ways:

  1. A staff member can add a bidder record one-at-a-time via Patrons > Everyone > Add Person -> check off "Bidder."
  2. A staff member can add bidder records in bulk via Patrons > Everyone > Import.
  3. A guest can purchase a ticket or multiple tickets online and her/his information will be added to the Bidder List along with any guests for whom (s)he's purchased tickets and provided contact information.
  4. A supporter can purchase a sponsorship online and her/his information will be added to the Bidder List.
  5. A supporter can purchase online a sponsorship that includes tickets. The supporter's information along any guests for whom (s)he's assigned tickets and provided contact information will be added to the Bidder List.
  6. A supporter can make a cash contribution online and her/his information will be added to the Bidder List.

To add a bidder one-at-a-time:

  1. Go to Patrons > Everyone > Add Person.
  2. Check off "Bidder."
  3. Complete the fields. If you have questions, click the tool tip icons (?) for explanations.
  4. Save by clicking the Add Person button, found at the bottom of the form.
Note: In order to save a bidder, you must, at minimum, enter a first name and last name.

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