How to Notify Winning Bidders Who Owe Money

Complete Plan Users:

First, it's important to note that you can set up your event through the Admin tab in Event Settings to require eBidders to submit credit card information in order to place a bid. This ensures that you collect monies owed by bidders who are participating remotely.  

To notify winners of your online, mobile bidding and in-person auction:
  1. Customize the invoice language (Patrons > Communications > Invoices).
  2. Send invoices to all bidders who have a balance (Patrons > Bidders > Manage => Actions on Bidders menu > Invoice All With Balance Due).
  3. If you want them to have the ability to self-pay online, then enable "Enable bidders to check themselves out on their own devices" on the Admin > Event Settings > Payment Methods page. Self-payment is an option only if your organization has established a merchant account with one of our partners or a PayPal Business Account.
Your auction staff can check out bidders and bidders can check themselves out for the 4 weeks following your event date, or if you’ve purchased an eCatalog Access Period post event extension (or extensions), then for the 4 weeks following the end of the extension.

Lite Plan Users:

To notify winners of your online auction:
  1. Export the Payments Due report from Reports > Accounting Reports.
  2. Import the email addresses to your own email application (for example, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp).
  3. In the email you send to the winners: 1) include a link to your Event Website, 2) explain that once there they should click the "My Account" button to log in and then click the Checkout button to see a list of what they've won with options for paying

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