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How To Record Sponsorship Sales and Guests of Sponsors

To record who is coming as the guests of a sponsor, follow these steps:
  1. Set up the Sponsorships Levels that you will be selling (Setup > Sponsorship Levels).
  2. Record the sponsorship that was donated (Items > Donations > Add > Cash or Sponsorship). Be sure to select the Donation Kind as "Defined Sponsorship" and then the Sponsorship Level from the pull-down menu. If you choose a payment method, you will need to indicate how the payment was made. (Important: Integrated credit card processing is not available for sponsorship donations recorded this way. Therefore, in this case you must process the payment directly with your merchant account provider.)
  3. Click the Record RSVPs for this Sponsorship button, or go to Patrons > RSVPs > RSVP Only.
  4. Add the guests who will be attending as guests of the sponsor. At this time you can also assign each guest to a Table and select a Meal, as long as they have been set up under Setup > Tables and Setup > Meal Choices respectively. 
If you have already recorded the sponsorship and subsequently need to add the guests of the sponsor (or additional guests of the sponsor), go to Patrons > RSVPs > No.

You will find these reports helpful, all of which can be found under Reports > Activity Reports.
  1. Table Status
  2. Seating and Meals
  3. RSVP Party Assignment Summary
  4. RSVP Party Assignment by Party

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