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Setting Up Your Event Details

The Event Details tab displays general information about your event, system access security information, and event website settings divided into three sections:

  • Event Info - here you will view some very basic information about your event; the event name, start and end time, and time zone. Note If you need to change your event date, please contact support for help. 
  • Event Access Security - The event access code you provide to you event staff in order for them to register and login is housed in this section of the screen. This is also where you set your Admin Authorization Code, a password that enables your staff to retract bids or delete payments.
  • Event Website - Set up a simple URL for your event that you can link from your organization website or on any social media platform. Enable your event website and set preferences that allow different types of access, online features, and text message outbid notifications.

When you are finished modifying your event details, click the Update Event Settings button to save your settings.

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