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How to Add, Invite and Update Staff Members

A well-trained, hard-working staff is essential to any fundraising event, and your auction staff is no different. Some of those colleagues will need access to your ReadySetAuction Control center to assist with tasks like entering donations, creating packages, recording meal selections, assigning tables, selling tickets and checking guests in and out. Your Staff List is located in the Admin tab under Event Staff.

Add a staff member:

  1. Click the Add Staff Member button at the top of the Event Staff grid.
  2. Enter the staff member information in Section 1.
  3. Change the Staff Access Level field in Section 2 to ‘view’ or ‘modify’ based on that staff member's role. You will not be able to invite a staff member with an access level of ‘none.’
  4. Click the Add Staff Member button near the bottom of the page.
  5. The new staff member will now appear in your staff list; however, you will need to invite staff to login.

Invite staff members:

  1. After you've added staff to your Staff List, you must select and invite them. 
  2. In the Event Staff grid, select staff members you would like to invite by checking the boxes in the far left column next to their names.
  3. Navigate to the Actions on staff members dropdown at the bottom left of the screen. This dropdown contains three options:
    • Delete Selected
    • Invite Selected
    • Change Access
  4. Click Invite Selected, then click the Confirm button.
  5. Preview the email your staff members will receive.  This email contains instructions for registering and logging in for the first time.
  6. Click the Send button.
  7. Your new staff will receive the email invitation moments after sending.  You will need to provide them with your event code information in a separate communication in order for staff to complete the registration process.

Update a staff member record:

  1. Navigate to the Event Staff grid and locate the record you wish to update.
  2. Click the staff member’s name to access the complete record.
  3. Make any necessary changes, and be sure to click the Update Staff Member button when finished.

Note:  Staff members may not share login credentials, as it is a violation of ReadySetAuction's Terms of Service. You must invite each staff member individually.

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