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More Specifics on Showcase

1) Where does the info for the title screen pull from? Is there a way to add a logo?

There is no way to add a logo. The information on the title screen is your Organization Name and your Event Name, as they appear in the upper right corner of your Control Center. You can change your Event Name on the Admin > Event Settings > Event Details page. The Organization Name is how you entered it when you purchased ReadySetAuction. If you need it changed, contact the Support Team.

2) Does the progress slide update each time a bid is placed, or does it not update until after the bidding window is over and the auction is closed?

The progress slide updates as each electronic bid is placed. It counts the 'high' bid for each item. It also updates when a staff member records a winning bid or purchase via the @Event tab in the Control Center.

3) Is there a way to customize what fields/data show up in the Showcase for the packages that you have selected to display in the Showcase, or is this standard?

It's standard, with one exception: For fixed-price packages, you can determine whether you want to display those who purchased it. To do so, check off Display Buyers on the package's Update Package page.

4) On the Sponsor Slides, is there a way to show what sponsorship level each sponsor has donated / purchased?

No, there isn't. But here's a workaround for business donors... You can provide any image you'd like in a business donor's Company Logo field (Patrons > Donors > Patron Info page). So, you could certainly create a single image containing a sponsor's logo and the amount of their donation.

5) If a donor is set up as a business, what name will appear on the Sponsor's slide?

Showcase uses the Donor Acknowledged As.... field from the donor's Everyone > Donor > Donor Info page. The default is the Business's Name.

6) Is there a way to view/test what our Showcase is going to look like ahead of the eCatalog access period?

You need to wait until the eCatalog access window opens. But we would be happy to set you up with a trial site so that you can experiment.

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