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ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2019.01

Release Highlights

We are thrilled to announce the integration of ReadySetAuction and DonorPerfect! Now, once your auction event has locked, you can transfer all of your event data to DonorPerfect with just a few clicks of the mouse.

We've incorporated tons of usability testing and user feedback to come up with design and functionality that is easy to understand and use. Our clients can now use these two great fundraising software products TOGETHER!

Here are just a few of the particulars you need to know about this great new feature:

  • Even after a ReadySetAuction event has locked, a user can still enter the DonorPerfect API key to connect their accounts and prepare for data transfer.

  • ReadySetAuction users can select DonorPerfect codes from dropdowns right within the RSA transfer configuration screens!

  • Don't want to assign a DonorPerfect gift code, but want to make sure it doesn't appear that it was left blank by accident? Just choose "None."

  • DonorPerfect will run its normal calculations for any calculated fields during the transfer process.

  • When transferring auction event information from ReadySetAuction, any DonorPerfect Constituents with consolidate receipting will see code 3DD in the Gift's Acknowledgement Preference field.

  • We've made it easy for clients to see when their ReadySetAuction data was transferred by inserting a date and timestamp on the Transfer to DonorPerfect Completed screen.

  • When a ReadySetAuction donation or purchase is made by an anonymous donor or patron, no contact information will be included with that record.

  • And most importantly… we successfully transferred event data from ReadySetAuction to DonorPerfect! Check out how to view it.

Check out our DonorPerfect Transfer Guide for details on record matching criteria, how to set up your transfer, and step-by-step instructions on integrating your ReadySetAuction and DonorPerfect systems to transfer your data.

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