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Enabling Payment Methods

If you have established a merchant account and connected it to your ReadySetAuction system through the Organization Settings screens, you will need to determine which types of payments you will accept through ReadySetAuction. The Payment Methods tab allows your auction Administrator to select and enable certain payment types for purchases, wining auction bids, and donations. Indicate which Payment Methods you want to appear in your dropdown when processing transactions:

  • Payment Cards - American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa can all be accepted through ReadySetAuction. Check with your Merchant Account provider to determine which ones you can process through your gateway.
  • Paper Payments - Cash, Check and Money Order are standard for most auctions, but you can also choose to accept Traveler's Checks.

If your auction event offers mobile bidding, you can also enable bidders to check themselves out using their mobile devices on this screen by checking the box in the Self-Checkout section. When you are finished setting your Payment Methods and Self-Checkout preferences, be sure to click the Update Payment Methods button at the bottom of your screen.

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