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Enabling Bidding Stations

In the Bidding Stations tab, you'll be able to enable bidding stations based on your anticipated live attendance and the information you received through the Patron registration process. You can also set up some permissions for how you want bidders to be able to use the bidding stations. For example:

  • Allow bidders to create accounts at bidding stations - bidders will be able to register, create accounts, and check-in at any of the bidding stations. As a best practice, to avoid long lines that can discourage participation, designate a few stations where bidders can create accounts and leave some open for your guests to actually place bids without waiting.
  • Only checked-in bidders may create accounts at bidding stations - only bidders who have already been checked in by a member of your staff can log in and use the bidding stations.

Once you have set up your bidding station preferences, don't forget to click the green Update button to save them.

You'll also find tips and instructions for setting up bidding stations at your event on this screen, with links to where you can find important information you need to complete the setup. You can also reference this article in our our ReadySetAuction knowledgebase for more specific details.

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