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Patron Account Settings

The Patron Accounts screen allows your auction Administrator to determine whether certain information will be required from patrons in order to complete the registration process:

  • Do you want a full addresses and phone numbers for any Patron who registers? If you're planning to export your patron information to a donor management system like DonorPerfect for future use, you may want to require that information. Check the boxes next to those two items to set them as required fields.
  • Ask if bidders plan to attend your event, or whether they will be bidding remotely. This will help you determine live attendance vs. online participation.
  • If bidders are planning to attend your auction, are they planning to use their own devices to place mobile bids, or do they need access to a shared bidding station in order to participate? Having this information will help you decide how many mobile bidding stations you may need at your event.
  • Will you allow anonymous bidding at your event? This screen gives you the ability to allow or prevent anonymous bidding, or to make that optional for each bidder.
  • The field Require Patron Email Suffix allows you to limit patron registration to people with a specific email addy. This is handy when running an internal auction, such as for employees of a particular company.

Once you have completed setting up your Patron account options, don't forget to click the green Update button at the bottom of the screen.

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