How To Set Up A Range-Price Package

A Range-Price package is one that can have multiple buyers, all at different purchase amounts within a range that you specify.

Examples of range-price packages include:
  • Dessert Dash (see our blog post on Dessert Dashes for what this is and tips)
  • Teacher Wish List
  • Centerpieces
  • Enter Your Own Paddle Call / Fund A Need Amount
  • Name Your Price
Here's an example showing how to use a Range-Price package to set up a Dessert Dash:
  1. Go to Items > Packages > Add Package.
  2. Do not add any donations to this package.
  3. For Package Name, enter Dessert Dash.
  4. For Displayed Donor Name, choose None, or Custom and fill in something like "Our Wonderful Bakers."
  5. For Fair Market Value, enter the value per dessert that will be purchased. For the Desert Dash, many organizations set this to $0.
  6. For Package Kind, choose Buyable.
  7. For Buyable Parameters, choose Range Price, and enter the minimum amount you will accept and the maximum amount you will accept. For example, enter $1 for the minimum and $1,000 for the maximum.
  8. For Quantity, enter 9,999. This will allow you to sell the Dessert Dash package up to 9,999 times.
  9. Select Catalog Options.
  10. Save the package by clicking the Add Package button.

Sell the Dessert Dash Package:

  1. Go to @Event > Record Sales > Wins and Purchases.
  2. Find or Select the Dessert Dash package.
  3. For each person who bought a Dessert Dash, enter their bidder number or find them in the Select a Bidder menu, enter the number of Desserts they purchased and the price paid for each.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Click Confirm Purchase.

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