How Self-Checkout / Self-Pay Works

(Available with Select and Complete plans)

To offer bidders the option to self-pay (self-checkout):
  1. Link your merchant account or PayPal account to ReadySetAuction. (Admin > Organization Settings > Merchant Account or PayPal Account.)
  2. Select which Payment Methods are available with the merchant account and/or PayPal account you have linked. (Admin > Event Settings > Payment Methods).
  3. Enable "Enable bidders to check themselves out on their own devices" on the Admin > Event Settings > Payment Methods page. Self-payment is an option only if your organization has established a merchant account with one of our partners or a PayPal Business Account.
  4. Customize the invoice language (Patrons > Communications > Invoices).
  5. Send (email) invoices to all bidders who have a balance (Patrons > Bidders > Manage => Actions on Bidders menu > Invoice All With Balance Due).
If a bidder already has established a ReadySetAuction account, the email will prompt him to log into it. Otherwise, the email will prompt him to set up an account.

Once logged into his account, the bidder can pay.

Bidders can check themselves out for four weeks following the close of your auction, or if you’ve extended your eCatalog Access Period, then for four weeks following the end of the extension.

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