How To Create A Buy-In Party Package

Here are the steps to create a buy-in party package.

Let's use the following example: The PE teacher is holding a basketball coaching clinic with 10 spots available at $25 each:
  1. Go to Items > Donations > Add Donation and add a donation from the PE teacher for the value of his/her time or his going rate for holding a clinic for 10 people.
  2. When adding the donation, for Donation Name, enter Basketball Coaching Clinic.
  3. For Fair Market Value, enter the fair market price for 1 person to attend this clinic.
  4. For Quantity, enter 10.
  5. Save.
  6. Create a fixed price package by clicking the Package this donation button after saving the donation, or by going to the Items > Donations > Add Package page.
  7. For the package, choose the donation that is (or donations that are) included in it. For the above example, choose the Basketball Coaching Clinic donation you entered.
  8. For Package Kind, choose "Fixed Price."
  9. For Fixed Purchase Price, enter the cost to attend the party. In the above example, that would be $25
  10. For Fair Market Value, enter the value of 1 spot at the party.
  11. For Quantity, enter the number of spots available. In the above example, that would be 10.
  12. Save.

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