How to Check In Guests

Go to @Event > Check In, to check in your guests.

Choose whether you are checking in a single person or a couple. IMPORTANT NOTE: When checking in a couple, the system will prompt you to enter a credit card only for the Primary Guest.

STEP 1: Choose Guest(s)

  1. Begin typing the guest's first or last name into the "Select Guest" field.
  2. If you find the guest, choose the guest's name from the pull down menu.
  3. If the guest cannot be found in the menu, click Add a Guest.
  4. Enter the guest's First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
  5. Click Add Guest and Next.
  6. Click Next.

STEP 2: Update Guest(s)

  1. Complete the guest's Personal and Household information. If you are checking in a couple, note that you can easily copy information from one record to the other.
  2. Click Next.

STEP 3: Capture Credit Card

  1. Click Add a Credit Card to put the guest's credit card on file for the event. If you are checking in a couple, you can enter only the credit card information of the Primary Guest.
  2. Click Next.
    *Note: Safari does not allow credit cards to be added during the check-in process.

STEP 4: Check In Guests

  1. Refer to the "Party (Ticket)" field of the guest (or both guests if you are checking in a couple). 
  2. Is the "Party (Ticket)" field already filled in? If so, this guest has a ticket, and you can skip to #6 below.
  3. If the "Party (Ticket)" field is not filled in, then ask the guest if he has a ticket. Specifically, did he buy his own ticket? Did someone else buy him a ticket? Or is he coming as the guest of a sponsor?  If yes, then find and choose the ticket in the "Party (Ticket)" menu.
  4. **** Only if the guest needs to purchase tickets at the door, click Sell Tickets. Follow the prompts to record the sale of the tickets.
  5. If still not assigned, choose a "Party (Ticket)" for the guest.
  6. Choose or relay to or confirm with the guest where he will be seated (Table) and what meal he is assigned (Meal).
  7. Tell the guest his bidder number. NOTE: You can optionally use the pull down menu to allow the guest to use (share) another guest's bidder number, e.g. to share with a spouse who is already a bidder. 
  8. Decide what emails (if any) need to be sent to this guest. For example, if you are conducting mobile bidding and the guest has not yet created an account, check off the Send eBidding Registration to this bidder check box.
  9. Click Check in Guest(s).

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