How To Set Up a Package for Dutch Auction

A Dutch Auction package refers to a package that will be won by two or more of the top bidders.

Note that you can use these instructions for setting up a Dutch Auction package for in-person bidding (by bid sheet or auctioneer at the event). However, ReadySetAuction does not support Dutch Auction packages in the online auction.

To set up a Dutch Auction Package:
  1. Go to Items > Packages > Add Package. Create the package just as you would any other traditional-biddable package, and place it in the Primary Category you would like it to reside in.
  2. Go to Items > Categories and set up a new category called "Extra Packages."
  3. Go to Items > Packages > Manage and find in the Manage Packages list the package you created in step 1.
  4. Copy it by using the Duplicate command in the Actions on packages menu.
  5. Click on the copy of the package to update it.
  6. Change its Package Name from "X Copy" to "X #1" (X being the name of the package).
  7. Choose the "Extra Packages" category for its Primary Category.
  8. In the Catalog Options, disable (uncheck) all 5 boxes.
  9. Save this copy (#1) package.
  10. Repeat steps 3 thru 9 to create the number of packages you will need to sell to the top bidders.
At your event, use the bid sheet generated for the original package to determine the top bidders. When recording the winners, use the extra packages you created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should NOT sell the original package, only the copies.

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