Bidder "Account" Status Explained

If someone wants to purchase a ticket online, he/she must first create an account. This account is the same one that he/she will use for online bidding. When the person creates his/her account, his "Account" status on the Patrons > Bidders > Manage page in your Control Center becomes "Confirmed." When that bidder goes to place his/her first electronic bid (clicks a Bid Now button) or purchase his first fixed-price package electronically (clicks a Buy Now button), his/her status becomes "Activated."

If instead a person buys a ticket directly from you (that is, NOT online), then when you or another staff member records the RSVP (Patrons > RSVPs), the person's status is set to "None." You can then email the person an invitation using the Actions on Bidders menu at the bottom of the Patrons > Bidders > Manage page. When the person receives the invite, he/she will click on the link and be prompted to set up his/her account. At this time, his "Account" status becomes "Confirmed," until he/she clicks a Bid Now or Buy Now button, at which time his/her "Account" status becomes "Activated."

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