Can we split payments?

One bidder wants to use two (or more) forms of payment

An invoice must be paid in full using one form of payment.

Therefore, if a bidder would like to pay part of his invoice with one form of payment and part with another, you will first need to remove some of his winnings from his invoice, run the first transaction for what remains on his invoice, then add back those winnings that you had removed and run the second transaction.

Do not remove an item from an invoice if it was won online because if you remove the item, the next highest bidder will become the winner.

Two or more bidders want to split the cost of a package

  1. Before you have recorded its winning bid, open the package (Items > Packages > Manage), remove the donations,  and change the Fair Market Value to reflect the portion that each bidder is now paying for. For example, if the original FMV was $100 and 5 bidders will be splitting its cost, change the FMV to $20.
  2. Duplicate the package so you have the number that you will be selling (Items > Packages => Actions on Packages). Continuing with the above example, you would duplicate the package 4 times so that you have a total of 5.
  3. Sell one of the packages to each of the 5 bidders who are splitting its cost.
  4. If you removed donations, the donor(s) will still get a receipt for their donation(s), but the donations won't be associated with the package any longer.

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