How To Create The Addendum

Despite your best efforts, it is likely your organization will receive donations after your catalog is in its final form and off to the printer. Don't worry! ReadySetAuction makes it easy for you to create an Addendum.

Here's how:
  1. Create a category called "Addendum" (Items > Categories > New Category).
  2.  Add donations and create packages for the addendum just as you have been all along.
  3. Assign these late arriving packages to your Primary Category "Addendum."
  4. Assign catalog numbers as described below. We strongly urge you to use the Preferred Method.
  5. Print your catalog and bid sheets from Items > Printed Materials > Catalog and Items > Printed Materials > Bid Sheets respectively. The system will generate your entire catalog. Print only the pages dedicated to the Addendum.

-- Preferred Method --

Since you have already sent your main catalog off to the printer, it is best NOT to renumber your packages at this stage using Packages > Arrange.

Instead, number the addendum packages 'by hand' by editing each package that is an addendum package. To do this:
  1. Go to Items > Packages
  2. Click the word "Catalog" in the header of the table. All unnumbered packages should show first in the list. If they don't, click "Catalog" again.
  3. Click on the first unnumbered package
  4. On its Update Package page, scroll down to the Catalog # field. TYPE IN the catalog number you would like it to be.
  5. Save changes
  6. Repeat for the next unnumbered package.

-- Less Preferred Method --

  1. Go to Items > Packages > Arrange
  2. Give the Addendum category a starting number all its own, for example 2001. In this example your Addendum packages will be numbered 2001, 2002, 2003 etc.

    If you have already sent your catalog, bid sheets, etc. to the print shop to be duplicated for your event, you MUST click the "Arrange Packages" button for each Primary Category and visually confirm that the packages are listed in order by catalog number. If any numbers skip or are non-consecutive, this is an indication that a staff member manually updated a catalog # from within the package's Update Package page subsequent to the last time the Primary Category was Arranged. Renumbering at this point will make your catalog/bid sheets out of sync with the Control Center. THEREFORE, if you have number skips or non-consecutive numbers, use the arrows to place your packages in the same order they appear in your printed materials.

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