How to Arrange Packages and Assign Catalog Numbers

You can control the order of your packages within each Primary Category and the range of catalog numbers for each Primary Category. To do this:
  1. Create categories (Items > Categories).
  2. When adding or updating packages (Items > Packages), assign each package to a Primary Category.
  3. Go to Items > Packages > Arrange.
  4. Click the Arrange Packages button for a Primary Category, and using the arrow buttons, place the packages in the order you would like them to be numbered. Click Done.
  5. Repeat for each Primary Category.
  6. Once you've set the order of all of your packages within their Primary Categories, enter the First Catalog # for each Primary Category, making sure none of the number ranges will overlap.
  7. Click the Renumber Packages button.
NOTE: No two packages can be assigned the same catalog number.

Therefore, if you get this error – Range for category X overlaps with range for category Y – it means you are asking the system to assign the same catalog number to two packages. For example, if your first package number for Sports is 1 and there are 50 packages in the Sports category, your Restaurants category's first package number cannot be anything lower than 51.

Select and Complete Users: Package sort order is reflected solely in the printed catalog. The eCatalog will list packages in alphabetical order. 

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