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How to Add Auction Packages

A package is an item or a bundle of items you auction off, sell, or raffle as part of your auction fundraising event. Packages can be just one item - usually a larger ticket crowdpleaser - or several donations combined together as part of a coordinating theme. For example, a picnic basket and bottle of wine complement each other nicely, or a date night package consisting of a gift certificate to a local restaurant, movie tickets and assorted snacks is always a hit.

There are two ways to create attractive packages your bidders will love:

Quick Package a Single Donation from Your Donation List

  1. In the Items tab, select the Donations tab from the menu on the right.
  2. If the item is already displayed in your list on the Donations screen, click the Donation name to view the details for that item. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the gray Package this Donation button
  3. In the Add a New Package screen, enter the package details in section 2.
    • Name your Package something catchy so it will grab the attention of potential bidders.
    • The Package Description field is already with the description used in the Donation screen, but you can add styling, images, and embed video to it here with the WYSIWYG editor.
      *Note: Videos can only be embedded from the following websites: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yahoo, and Vidyard
    • Upload images for your Catalog and Event Showcase.
    • Add a Category, Catalog number, and Inventory Tag if appropriate, and check if this item will be Featured.
    • Determine the Fair Market Value, as well as the value you want to display.
  4. In section 3, you'll configure your auction settings.
  5. Choose the Package Kind - biddable, buyable, or raffle.
  6. Set your bidding parameters to ensure you have an adequate starting bid, raise levels, and a price for a Win-it-Now option.
  7. In the Catalog Options section, select where you want your package to display.
  8. Decide on the Bidding Style - eBidding, Pre-bidding, or Traditional.
  9. Set your Package Status, then click the green Add Package button to save all your package settings.

If you are adding a single item to be packaged, click Add Donation, enter the Donation details, and follow the same steps as above.

Quick Package a Single Donation from Your Donation List

Packaging multiple donations into one attractive package is easy.

  1. In the Items tab, select Packages from the right side menu.
  2. Select the green Add Package tab.
  3. Click the Choose Donations button, the select all the donations you would like to bundle in this package
  4. Complete the remaining Package description fields.
  5. Save by clicking the Add Package button

Helpful Hints!

Hint 1: Each Package Name must be unique. No two packages can share the same Package Name.

Hint 2: Click the 'speech bubble' next to the donation to copy the donation's Comments into the package's Description field.

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