How Bid Retraction Works

Important: When retracting a bidder’s bid, be sure to continue to retract bids until another bidder shows as the leader in the package’s Bid History. This ensures that you have removed the first bidder’s hidden maximum, if there was one. Then tell the first bidder to go back and place his corrected bid, if he wants to.

Only the Administrator of your toolset can retract bids (or purchases).

To retract a bid (or purchase):

  1. Go to Packages > Manage Packages.
  2. Click a package’s Package Name. This brings you to the Package Info page, as indicated by the third-level tabs running across the top of the workspace.
  3. Click on the Bid (or Purchase) History sub-tab.
  4. A Retract Bid (or Retract Purchase) button will appear next to the bid (or purchases) that can be retracted.

Note: You can only retract the most recent bid placed by a human bidder. If the high bid was placed automatically by the computer system on behalf of a bidder’s maximum, it will be retracted automatically when you retract the last bid placed by a human bidder.

Once an item has been paid for, bids cannot be retracted.

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