How to Accept Credit Cards

At your event you can set up as many computers as you'd like -- staffed by your auction staff/volunteers -- for conducting check-in, bid recording and checkout. Each computer simply needs access to the Internet. A mix of Macs and PCs is fine. There's no software to install. Card swipers are optional. If a computer is not equipped with a card swiper, then the volunteer can key-in the credit card information.

In order to do this, you will need to set up a ReadySetAuction-compatible merchant account to link to your ReadySetAuction account.

We partner with merchant processing companies that offer very competitive, non-profit friendly merchant accounts to provide a fully secure, PCI-DSS compliant solution. To contact these merchant processing partners, please visit the Payment Processing page on our website and click the "Contact" links. Our partners can also advise you on how to purchase compatible swipers.

Since the merchant account you set up belongs to your organization, the money you process by credit card is deposited by your merchant account directly to the bank account you designate. In other words, ReadySetAuction is not the middleman for your money.

If you have purchased the ReadySetAuction Select or Complete plan, this same merchant account will allow guests to purchase tickets and sponsorships online and make cash donations online prior to your event, and for winners to self-pay from their own phones/tablets during and following your event.

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