How to Run a Test Credit Card Transaction

At least seven days prior to your event date or the close of your first eBidding package (whichever comes first), perform a test transaction for each type of credit card that your merchant account is configured to process.

IMPORTANT: When testing your merchant account, it’s important you do so with a cash contribution. In other words, while testing do NOT sell an actual auction package to a bidder.

  1. Go to @Event > Record Sales > Monetary Pledges.
  2. Select your name from the pull down menu (assuming you are a bidder) or click the “Select a Bidder” field and begin typing your last name.
  3. Enter a donation amount of $5.
  4. Click the green “Next: Confirm Pledges” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Review the pledge you entered.
  6. Click the green “Confirm Pledges” button.
  7. Go to @Event > Check Out Bidders.
  8. Select your name from the pull down menu, or begin typing your last name.
  9. Click the green “Next: Review Invoice” button.
  10. Review the invoice.
  11. Click the green “Next: Process Payment” button.
  12. Choose a credit card from the pull down menu (if one is on file for you), or enter a new one by clicking the “Add Credit Card” link.
  13. Click the green “Process Payment” button.
  14. Verify with your merchant provider that the transaction was processed.

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