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ReadySetAuction Release Notes - 2019.05

Release Highlights

Big news! With this release, we've included updates to your experience when adding staff members, including an improvement you've been requesting - multiple administrators for your ReadySetAuction event! This was #6 on the UserVoice suggestion list, and we are excited to have delivered it.

Now, you can allow multiple users access to the Admin tab to help complete all the higher level setup and maintenance for your auction, including inviting staff and setting user permissions. No more transferring admin rights to the "persistent staff member account," after your event, and no more putting all your eggs in one admin basket!

Improvements & Updates

  • When adding a staff member, the new member's access level will automatically default to "modify." This is the most commonly selected setting, so we wanted to reduce the number of clicks in the things you do most.
  • We've cut out some extra steps when adding a new staff member. Now, you'll no longer go through the email preview screen, which you can't edit anyway, before the invitation is sent.
  • Instead of having to create and save a new staff member, then go back to the Staff list to select and then choose to invite them, you'll just create the new member, and invite them when you save. That's less clicks, and less work for you.
  • We've rearranged the staff invitation email to make it clear to your new team members that they must first obtain the event access code from you before completing their ReadySetAuction registration.
  • Now, you can have multiple staff members with Admin access level to your ReadySetAuction event. This makes things much easier on auction administrators and event planners to have other team members be able to add staff, complete setup tasks, and more. It also means the end of the transfers of admin rights at the end of an event to a "persistent staff member account"
  • Once your new staff members register, they will receive confirmation emails to notify them that their ReadySetAuction registration was successful. This is an added security measure in case someone used an email address to register without permission.
  • Now, when you purchase ReadySetAuction and your team is learning to use it, all of the admins will receive a series of helpful emails designed to step you through setting up and running a flawless auction with RSA. Share them with your staff for ultimate auction event success!

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